Our mission

Art + Exploration = Ideas.

Ideas based in creative thinking, cultural awareness and community service.

All equals progress. 


The Arts at Henson-Parks established its acronym TAHP ROOTS to signify a firm foundation and existence of supporting educational opportunities, visual communication, creative connectivity, social awareness and community service.  Our purpose is to replace obstacles with opportunities to succeed

We promote the use of art and technology to change the way an individual views the world around them.  We encourage re-thinking and re-defining their perspective by letting them hear and see their own voice.  

Often it’s not until you “speak” aloud that you can fully examine your ideas and opinions, and be open and present to hearing or seeing another’s.   

#ExploreYourWorld and #pARTicipate are our mantras, birthed from two personal inspirations:  


Matthew Henson, a noteworthy, but overlooked and under-discussed African-American explorer, the first to reach the North Pole, and later in life call the Bronx home; and famed author, photographer, director, entrepreneur, and one-time Harlem resident Gordon Parks who chronicled the living conditions of humanity around the globe. 

These were two men living in NYC communities using Art + Exploration to discover the world around them, and share the experiences through artistic means. 

TAHP ROOTS is our acronym, our ideal, a home base, and a safe space.  It's perspective, potential and progress. 

TAHP ROOTS exists to remind adults you're never to old to learn something new, and help youth not just proceed to the next level, but make it through life! 

Dina Rice
Founder, Executive Director